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BRAS provides thermography and breast health education. Breast Research Awareness and Support was created to empower women to take control of their own basic preventive breast health care.

Learn the Bare Facts

*Safe, easy, and pain free
*No radiation exposure – FDA approved
*No compression of breast tissue
*Detects changes in breast tissue from the smallest of tumors.
*Identifies inflammatory breast cancer (IBC)
*Entire breast can be imaged
*Identifies fibrocystic breast disease or tumor inflammation
*Effectively and safely screens breasts with implants
*Useful for evaluating chest wall after breast surgery
*Effective for breasts of all sizes
*Creates opportunities for early intervention

Bust the Myths
Radiation from a mammogram is 1000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray. It accumulates over time, with ten x-rays increasing your breast cancer risk by 10%. Mechanical compression of your breast – as well as a biopsy – can dislocate and spread existing malignant cells. A breast cancer growth has grown for 7-8 years and reached 4-10 billion cells before a mammogram can detect it. This is not early detection!

Source: Dr. Mercola, “The Safe Breast Cancer Screening Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About.”
Journal of Surg. Onc. 1997, 65(4), 284-97

Results are reported quickly by certified doctors and include all color images taken during your test. The first session provides the baseline of your “thermal signature”. A session 3 months later checks to see if the patterns remain unchanged, with yearly thermograms suggested thereafter. Early detection provides time for preventive measures far in advance of what is seen with traditional mammograms.

For an appointment call 1-888-352-3654 or 417-830-6716.

*Note: Thermography is not a replacement for Mammography. We recommend a balanced health approach that includes both prevention and traditional medical approaches.


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